So there was this article about how language matters in trying to persuade racists not to have racist thoughts. The tweet about the article mentioned that we should NOT call ‘racists’ ‘racist’ if we wanted to get our points across to them.

If you’re not new here, you might imagine, I had some thoughts on the subject. Feelings even, one might say.

While I did get the chance to speak briefly on my chief concerns on my triumphant (no one thinks that but me) return as co host of TWiB Prime w/ Elon James White

(start at 51:12), it turns out I had even more to say on the subject. Therefore, as I am wont to do, I turned to Twitter. Below is my tweetstorm, and beyond that is a lovely prayer that I hope we can all adopt, when ushering our white fellow-humans toward the work of dismantling racism. Enjoy:

And there you have it, friends. All the truth and tools I have for you at the mo’. God speed. And don’t you ever recommend a marginalized group perform mental gymnastics to convince your pawpaw and meemaw (and their kin) that they’re worth caring about. Don’t be a monster.

Pz and hair grease,


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