Here’s what I’m ignoring today:

“This is America; you shouldn’t be surprised”

Double consciousness is the only way for a minority to survive here. Yes. I know the reality, but my unending humanity provides me with just enough delusion to get out of bed every morning.

“We’ve been here before and survived”

1) I don’t want to just “survive.” That’s a low ass bar. 2) No. We didn’t all survive. And we won’t all survive this.

“Now it’s time to pick ourselves up, join together, and do the work”

1)If you can do that, cute for you. I’m granting myself permission to grieve. I’m granting myself permission not to be strong, exemplary, impenetrable. I’ve been doing the damn work all my life and I’m taking A DAY OR MAYBE EVEN TWO to luxuriate in the full range of human emotion just like other folks get to do.

2) The only people who can actually, completely dismantle white cis het christian supremacy are white cis het christian people (or the derivations thereof). My work doesn’t mean shit if white people don’t adopt radical, actionable empathy.

“I’m so embarrassed as a white person. Tell me what I can do.”

(Caveat: I know you’re trying to do the right thing)
I will not. I’ve been telling forever. Others have been writing and telling forever. Don’t go to a group being oppressed and ask them to educate you. We are a little busy trying to survive. Use the Google. Read some shit. Listen to back episodes of TWiB. Be grateful for those of us who have had the time, energy, and privilege to wax philosophical and practical about our realities of oppression through journalism, blogging, podcasting, documentary making, etc. Don’t ask us to do that work all over again. We are tired today.

“Let’s not lump all Trump supporters together as racist and sexist and xenophobic and homophobic and bigoted.”

If you think that anything Tr💩mp could provide to you (putting you back in your rightful place as white Christian overlords, or lowering your taxes, as his tax plan does not actually do) is more important than the survival and safety of marginalized groups, yes, you are condoning all of those things. I know you think your grammy is cute and your cousin just thinks a little different, but you’ve been ignoring the truth for a while and this electoral map gives me permission to stop sugarcoating it.

“If it was only millennials voting, we’d have been fine!”

You are posting/tweeting a sorry ass map from October. If millennials came out the way that map predicted, we wouldn’t be here in the first place. No, racism and bigotry are not dying out. No, America is not any better than it was years ago.

“2016 is canceled”

JK. I’m with you there. 2016 can go to hell.

Now I’ve got a migraine and a stomach ache and can’t stop crying. I’m gonna take some shit, watch some shit and keep holding myself. Yes, I realize attempting to write a post with some insight is hypocritical to my ‘I’m done teaching today, mfrs!’ claims but old habits die hard. I promise myself though, I’m bowing out after this.

Pz and healing y’all,


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