I came across her in a quest for inspiration that took me on a google image search ( :big-victorian-hair-modern, like you do) for a recent photo shoot. I stumbled across this blog talking about the use of bangs ( ::yawn::) where she was pictured. Everything was perfect: the face, the makeup, the hair . . . she looked like the definition of finery and class, of alluring pop-sensibilities. She was GlamRock, and the thing is . . . HOLY CRAP ON A SPACE ROCKET, SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE ME!
We don’t share any of the same features per se, but when you put the whole face together, this mystery lady looks like my cooler, way more sophisticated younger sister (with an amazing stylist). I freaked out; I left a comment on the blog because there was no photo credit (naughty, naughty GlamStyle), and received no response. I wanted so desperately to find out who this girl was, because, (1) I’ve always kind of toyed with the idea of being adopted (a quality I believe is shared by most angsty, only children, emo-kids), (2) I thought this must be a sign that we were supposed to be cosmically connected best friends, (3) Obviously this girl is living the super duper fancy life and I.Want.In.
So here and now, I am putting out my official APB. Soon we will be best sibling-friends like BJ and Baby Bop (plus two points if you know the dance), and until then I’ll do my best to emulate her fly.


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