I was lucky enough to be invited to a Google Meetup – a celebration of the launch of a new tool – HotPot (I know, I’m confused by the name too). They took over the entire first level of the Ferry Building, provided free food and drink, and gave a demonstration of the new cool tool (sorry Yelp . . . or maybe not?). Even though the music provided by the DJ (who was flown in from South America, or Spain, or somewhere exotic, obvi.) was a little (read: a lot) loud, free food & drink will always make me happy, hence my review is of that instead of the tool itself (full disclosure: I haven’t used it yet, since I’ve found post initial set-up to br just a tad cumbersome. Will try again soon!)

There was only one tiny hiccup where food was concerned: The ladies carrying Reubens were more than happy to loiter with their sammies. The people with the cute little burgers, on the other hand, were in a playful mood, actively dodging hungry fingers with speed and agility like that of a prize fighter. They didn’t know I was Muhammad Ali. (Yummy) Winner.
The drinks though, that was a real ordeal. After deciding to indulge in a Martini (Read: How do I get my hands on some of those delicious olives without just begging for them??), I watched as the (oh dear, he clearly is not a real) bartender struggled to get the class and shaker to separate – slapping the offending glass with increasing frustration until . . . It cracked. He shot a quick look across the bar – a sort of doe-eyed terror painted on his face. 
I should have demanded that he start again, but the obvious panic he was in made me blink politely away, as if I hadn’t seen it. I prayed that the strainer was savvy enough to block out shards (strainers have brains right?), and took my drink with a wan smile. Guess what though? Glass is delicious 🙂


Stay Fly!


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