You tell me you have a 90’s Hip-Hop party on the roster and I’m there. I’m there yesterday. It helps if you don’t tell me about the fact that the location is in some back alley in SOMA, but let’s face it, I’m a Big. Strong. Girl. who isn’t afraid of anything (*meep*). But, really, if you don’t mind the sketch fest that is the outside of the club, you’ll get inside to realize that is a really nice spot. Lot’s of room on the dance floor. YES, my girl did have a real-life Dirty Dancing moment with a gorgeous Italian man (I know right?!), and NO they were not pressed for space (although the impressiveness of the moves did cause some to stand back in shock, awe and glee. I’m pretty sure someone fainted … probably me). 

The vibe of the space was very nice, and extremely diverse. It felt great to be able to flit among the many cliques of crews (and lady crews) that were there. We even got invited to a VIP (term used loosely at this place) table, and had a great time, before my friend and I were distracted by other, even more attractive guys. And of course the music was INCREDIBLE. The DJ was on point, and I was able to really get down, because I had (so fortuitously) worn leggings-to-the-club (Aside: If you’re like me, and you like to GO IN on the dance floor, leggings are def. the way to go. No one told me before, and I suffered many long, stiff, short-dress wearing nights. Now I know, when This is How We Do it comes on, you want to be able to Get-It-In. You can be sexy in leggings ladies!!)

In conclusion: Bring your personally rented Secret Security detail, or BB gun, or Killer Squirrel (or just take a cab), to 330 Ritch on any first Friday, and come in for a great time.

Stay Fly!


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