When you see or hear something artistic… purely creative or transcendent that truly touches you, you are  affected. I’m not unique in that way. The part when I diverge from the norm (e.g. ‘hunh. that was cool. moving on..’) is the feeling that I’m left with after.

I go all squinty- looking off into space, processing. I feel like I’m trying to remember something I’ve never known. I get nervous. My heart starts racing and my skin tingles. Butterflies crash around my tummy. The air goes heavy- I feel stuck. My toes wiggle like I might jump up at any second. I feel grateful and angry and hopeful and envious and … unsettled.

Great art makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Like I’m missing out on something, only I don’t know what. I can feel my thoughts and emotions crackling around my fingers like electricity.

I want to shout my singular ubiquity to the world. I want to create my masterpiece to tell you everything you already know.

I need to grab a camera or a pen or a mic or … some other medium that’s on the tip of my tongue and the edge of my brain and create something brutal and ugly and true. I’m about to burst.



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