If you’re going to survive this week, you’ll need all the links you can get. Go after it, partner:


1) Sochi is missing floors, water, American standards of living. And journalists are recounting it hilariously.


2) Russia’s anti-gay stance is clearly against the Olympic charter. It’s also offensive and archaic. Lot’s of sponsoring companies are ignoring that. Google is not.

Google doodle

3)  An artist does a series of self portraits. After taking various drugs. Beautiful. Frightening.


4) Between pudding and Black-People lambasting … Bill Cosby’s history of secual assault.


5) What is Black? Who defines Black Identity? Challenge your assumptions. Challenge your belief that you get to choose for others.


6) Let’s stop treating health problems like addiction as crimes. It’s not working. Aaron Sorkin (L) and Russell Brand (R) meditate on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.


7) No more Millennial hate! We’re not just self-involved. We’re second gen hippies who want to change the world.


8) Have you created your obnoxiously inane Facebook 10 Year anniversary vid yet? Don’t waste your time. These folks already won.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.50.18 PM

9) How do you deal with your enjoyment of a nuanced bad guy character? If you’re white watching Walter White, you’re just a guy watching a show. What if you’re Middle Eastern watching a ‘terrorist’ on Homeland? An actress’ very funny rendition of the ensuing personality split tells the tale.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.58.11 PM

10) How do you seal a gunshot wound in 15 second. Welcome to the modern world of medical magic, my friends!



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