In my old age (late twenties now, yall!), I’ve realized that… I’m a bit odd. Odd in a way that the people I love have also come to love! Or… at least come to accept. I’ve tried various methods of outrunning my weirdness in favor of being ‘cool,’ but time has taught me that that’s a fool’s errand. I will not, nor have I ever been cool. And we’re all just going to have to be ok with that!

Here are a few of my fun little quirks. 

  • I don’t like it when waiters refill my water too often at restaurants. I’ve just made some progress, and here you come, ruining everything. 
  • I chew my gum for days at a time. My friend Tina thinks this is gross. But she swallows her gum, so she can’t be trusted. She’s thinking with a head full of decade old gum!
  • I love buying shoes, but hate wearing them. As soon as I’m indoors, off come the shoes.
  • I dance. Poorly. Everywhere. I literally cannot understand people who can hear music and not move.
  • Speaking of dancing: When the mood strikes me, I have a personal dance party in my living room. Me and headphones, and sometimes a hula hoop. My dog hates it.
  • My glasses are fake. Because I love accessories and cute things and why shouldn’t I get to wear them if I want?
  • I crack every joint in my body and I’m sorry guys cuz it feel like heaven.
  • I have asthma. That’s not really a quirk, but I’m tired of having to explain to people why I’m out of breath.
  • I hate mouth sounds. If you are mouth-open, eating chips, I’m thinking bad things about you. If you are eating kettle chips, I definitely don’t have a voodoo doll of you in my hands right now… Nope.
  • One of my ears is positioned higher on my head than the other. So no, my glasses aren’t crooked … my face is.
  • I get anxious when I can’t find my glue gun. Like they’re might be a crafting emergency any second, and what would I doooo???
  • I’m an over-complimenter (but never a liar). If you are awesome in some way, I HAVE to let you know. Even if it’s facebook and we haven’t spoken in years and we weren’t really friends to begin with… AWK.
  • Comfort Over Everything. I once had an acting teacher ask the class “What’s the first thing a person does when getting home at the end of the day?”

        “Take off your pants!”
… He was going for wash your hands.



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