Continuing with my SF transportation series (Part One is here), let’s plan a quick trip, and hop on the Cable Car. It’s the only moving landmark in America!

Part Two: Google Maps and the Cable Car

I don’t know why Google employed Sonic the Hedgehog in its effort to estimate the walking portion of its maps directions (especially since he’s being a total d-bag about giving me piggy back rides when it’s time for a trip), but ye be warned: If the Goog tells you you have 9 minutes to get somewhere, you’d better moveNow. Right now. RIGHT … forget about it, 30 seconds have passed and it’s already too late.

And while I’m on the topic: Please, please Google Maps, stop offering cable cars as a viable means of transportation. First of all, to call something I can out-jog, “transportation” is a stretch. Second, the cables snap (or something) every other trip, so the likelihood of a car getting stuck while you’re on it, or it never showing up at all, is high. Third, the cable cars run on no discernible or predictable schedule, and while it is preferable to strapping myself into my climbing gear to scale the mountains of San Francisco on foot, it’s definitely not something I can count on to get me to work on time.


~ dara.

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