Here is part four of my series on the fantastic San Francisco transportation systems. (See earlier parts here)


I was geeked. Super geeked even. I was WAY TOO excited about flying out of SFO and going to the annual Harvard/Yale football game. That’s probably why I was so devastated when I found out that my flight had been canceled. After having flown in and out of SFO just a week prior, and experiencing the molestation now referred to as a TSA Security Check (“I’m going to go inside now. Ok? I go INSIDE.” UGH. Who decided to wear her Rhythm Nation metal-shouldered tee-shirt to the airport? This kid.), I thought I was free and clear after I’d made it through security without a hiccup. Not the case. The flight I was booked on to replace my canceled one was also delayed … And going to Phoenix … Then going to Chicago … Where I could not be compensated with a hotel room for the over night stay I’d have to endure because the weather was bad … Because it was foggy … *IN SAN FRANCISCO* … And no other airline was having any problems with taking off (Southwest, you done me dirty and you know it!). I made it to Boston (eventually) and claimed my checked luggage (which they’d of course lost track of), but on the whole, the experience was one that left an awful taste in my mouth.

The 30

There is never a time of day where this bus isn’t crowded. Morning, afternoon, or evening, weekday, or weekend, if you’re getting on the thirty, prepare to be squished within an inch of your life. Also, if you’re me, get ready for your first human interaction in the morning being the bus driver seeing you at the stop, slowing to give you a wave and a rye laugh, and speeding off down the street. That’s probably another thing Google should make a note of actually- you CAN.NOT. catch the 30 downtown at 7.55am. It will never, ever happen.


~ dara.

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