When #TeamHellaSwag is out and partying, you will know it:

I’m singing loudly along to all the ignorant music, zSwag is networking, bringing more amazing people into into our fold, TinaBelle is attracting gawkers of all color and creed because she is glamorous, and jvr is cutting a rug and whipping her hair. Apparently, this level of activity is abnormal. We wouldn’t know, ‘cuz we’re never on the sidelines.

Yes that was me giggin to the Fresh Prince theme song, at yet another 90’s party. Yep, the party moved to  (Whose place is this again?) and we’re gonna flit around like the new best friends we’re about to be. When we’re on our game, the sidelines are just a pinprick on the horizon. Sometimes I see people out there trying to decide if they should join in, or if we’re crazy. The answer is . . . yes. But I challenge you to venture out. The choppy waters are the most fun, and we always love a new friend!
See you on the dance floor,
Stay Fly!


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