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1) There’s a reason the media refers to a 19 year old Black male as a ‘man’ and his White counterpart a ‘young person’ or ‘teen.’ The inability to invoke excuses of childhood innocence on Black youth as a very real psychological affliction. This article lends scientific credence to the dehumanization of Black children of which so many of us are already painfully aware.


2) More on the societal impact of the presumed guilt of Black Youth: This young man was expelled from his school for throwing up ‘gang signs‘ in a picture. In fact, he was repping his school, and (gasp) didn’t know of any apparent gang affiliations. A Black kid? Not involved in a gang? Get out.


3) If you haven’t seen the Between Two Ferns with President Obama: 1) Watch it here. 2) Send me the address of the rock you live under.


4) As understanding as the most liberal among us may try to be, it’s hard to muster real empathy for a state of mind you just can’t experience. This is certainly the case with Autism. Now, there is an incredible video that will give you the immersive experience we’ve never been able to have before.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.26.06 PM

5) You will be NOT SURPRISED AT ALL to recall that the biggest victims of the so called ‘War on Drugs’ have been Black men and boys. You will be further NOT SHOCKED to find out that those benefitting from the legalization of marijuana are not those Black men and boys. They remain saddled with the marginalization that accompanies a criminal record (for things that are no longer illegal, not to mention offenses that statistically go unpursued in White, middle class neighborhoods) , while White men are getting rich.


6) Through fraudulent programs like ‘No Child Left Behind’ and smear campaigns against unions, we’re gutting our education system of experienced, effective teachers. Why? In short, the more uneducated, malleable masses who are incapable of critical thought, the easier it is to perpetuate money saving (and money making, for interested parties) schemes that can further dumb down the US pop. All to further the gap between the have and have nots.



7) Laverne Cox (you’ll know her as the trans woman from Orange Is the New Black) is probably making the most responsible and conscientious use of stardom than anyone I’ve see on late. This interview with her is entertaining, witty, and gives real insight into the issues and atrocities facing trans women of color today.



8) The inimitable Walter Dean Myers asks “Where are the people of color in childrens’ books?” It’s a great question, as we know that seeing oneself represented in surrounding art and culture has a significant impact on the perceived self worth of children and the adults they grow up to be.


9) The Reboot of ‘Cosmos’ starring astrophysicist heartthrob (just me?) Neil deGrasse Tyson has at least initially, been a resounding success. In our world that is usually more focused on hot celeb culture than hard science, the popularity has been a surprise to some. Tyson stopped by the ‘Inquiring Minds’ podcast to discuss why the show is doing so well, and what his plans for it are.


10) To explain away persistent poverty in America, Paul Ryan suggested that  it was a result of “culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working.” This is an innervating crock of shit, to be fair (Wait, what?! Republicans using untruths and false equivalencies to explain away the failure of their own policies? Well I never), but let Paul Krugman detail for you all the reasons why (using those pesky facts).


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