His name is Cory Booker, and he’s the Mayor of Newark. He’s being groomed for the national spotlight, but is for now content to stay local, serving the city he loves with unmatched passion. He’s also an avid tweeter, and on Saturday January 15th, he tweeted the folllowing:
“It may b selfish but I’ve found 1 of the best ways 2 make myself feel good is 2 do a small anonymous act of kindness 4 someone else. #MLK”
The finest way to honor Dr. King on this day is, I think, not just to muse about the power of his life and the lesson with which he left us, but to touch the lives of others through service. This may seem like a daunting task, and it is certainly one that should not (and cannot) be relegated to one day in the year. This is why it was so inspiring to see Mr. Booker’s subtle call to action. It received a great many response, and I wanted to share my favorites with you below:
*** Blood donation. Easy way 2 help someone in need when they need it most. an almost painless way to serve others #mlk

*** “accidentally” feeding someones meter?

*** I fly 4 business & tell flight attendants I’ll pay 4 meal of any soldiers in uniform on my flights

*** Leave books on park/transportation bench/quarters in laundromat.Put change in vend machine but don’t make a selection

*** Buy a 2nd set of ur child’s school supply list. Tell teacher 2 give it 2 a child whose parents can’t afford

*** my daughter and I get bagels and coffee and bring them to our local fire department.

*** Leave a corny joke inside a book that someone is reading.

*** when I visit a loved one at the hospital. I look for patients who are alone and spend time and pray with them.

*** I keep case of bottled water in my truck, give them out 2 ppl with broken vehicles & homeless people, esp. in summer

*** say”I love you”to your significant other when they least expect it sitting on the couch in their sweats & their hair a mess

If we learned anything from the recent violence in Arizona, I hope it is that small acts of kindness can be as powerful as small acts of hate. That love can be as powerful as any show of violence. We could all stand to share a little more love, don’t you think?
Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone,
Stay Fly!


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