Here are the ten best things I’ve seen on the Interwebs this week.

1) Why a successful 26 year old NFL Player is calling it quits. To trade the life of the boxed-in public entertainer for that of a human being attempting full realization. Brave.


2) Let’s talk Lupita. Not just what her historic, impressive, and well deserved win means for her, but the power of a story that is unflinching, unwavering, and has no interest in coddling.

Lupita Nyong'o

3) More on the Oscars. Here, a HILARIOUS account of the events of the night from the perspective of an average Jane (who just happens to be Jennifer Lawrence NBFD). Also no, you’re not having a stroke, this is an article from MySpace. *Blink*

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.49.00 PM

4) Speaking of Oscars, familiarize yourself with the amazing story of Marlon Brando rejecting his Oscar for The Godfather. He gave voice to the marginalized. The best Oscar speeches seem to do that (You hearing the Matthew McConaughey? Future Matty McC? Or Past Matty … or. All yall. Ok? All yall.)


5) Let’s go back to Lupita for a second, shall we? I know you can’t stop thinking about her. Here is her speech on Black beauty and perceptions thereof. Isn’t she just the bee’s knees?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.05.27 PM

6) A campaign by Black students at Harvard University called #ITooAmHarvard. Not only do these poignant depictions of minor and major racial transgressions/aggressions hit home as Black woman, but as a former Harvard student it makes me swell with pride. That the campaign is going viral, is at once thrilling and humbling. As boastful as we’re made out to be, it’s always a heady realization that the Harvard name carries with it so much innate propulsion.


7) Have you ever wished you could read faster? For me it happened in school when I was reading, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (or HOW IS THIS STORY SO ICONIC THIS BOOK IS SO BORING I WANT TO RIP MY FACE OFF), or when reading a book like The Da Vinci Code (or BRAIN WHY U SO STOOPID READ FASTER I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – NOW, NO, YESTERDAY!). Well you’re in luck! There’s new software that will enable just that. The demo is crazy impressive.


8) A hard look at the new age of comedy. Audiences want to blur the lines between them and the comic. We want to be in on the joke. We want to go behind the scenes and laugh with you. How is the old guard adapted? Who’s best poised to succeed in this new world?


9) “Back in my day” the SATs consisted of two parts: Math and Verbal, each worth 800 points. After I went off to school, the college board decided to add an additional component that further tested writing skills. I was always jealous (nerd alert). Now the test is reverting back to its two part approach. Why? Part of it has to do with attempts to curtail the vast unfair gap that income disparities have on test success. Just maybe the Scholastic Aptitude Test should test a scholar’s aptitude, and not how much they are able to spend on test prep. Maybe.


10) For those suffering from a personality disorder that falls on the Autism Spectrum, it is widely held in both classrooms and popular culture that individuals behave the way that they do because of a fundamental incapacity for empathy. New studies though, contradict these findings. Instead of sheer disinterest in others, an overwhelming connection to other human beings may be at work.


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~ dara.

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