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1) ‘You’re not going to talk to me like that.’ ~ the murderer.

Jordan Davis was shot because he didn’t kowtow to a (ostensibly in his mind) superior older white male. 

This is a hard read, but it is important: Because black boys have a right to a complicated, nuanced and child-like character… Because we want to bestow on them the humanity they deserve.


2) Brazilians were asked to evaluate the truth of the statement: “if dressed provocatively, women deserve to be attacked and raped.” Brazilian women were NOT amused by the results, and kicked off a campaign stating plainly that they do not DESERVE to be raped. Apparently we still have to say this: A woman can walk around completely naked, and guess what, a man does not DESERVE to have sex with her. You know how we could stop rape? Men stop fuggin raping ladies.


3) We love to say Black don’t crack, and really with evidence like this, it’s hard to deny. Another thing we know is that being a minority in this country can cause life-limiting levels of stress. Well now, we can place an exact number on the Black Woman’s Life Tax. 7.5 years. This racism is killing us inside.


4) Uber rich admitted child rapist Robert H. Richards IV was spared jail time because he “wouldn’t fare well” there. Yes. That is an actual thing that happened. After admitting to penetrating his three year old daughter with his fingers while masturbating, this poor guy almost ended up in jail. Thank God for that blind justice amiright?


5) Great relationships do not happen by accident. That goes for romantic partnerships (or triads, or whatever fulfills you, my dear), obviously, but can also be applied to any relationship you’re taking part in. Here is a step by step guide to help you focus on what makes a relationship work: empathy, emotional validation, and consideration & civility. So the next time your boo says WELL I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS SO GET OVER IT, send him to this article (or to the door, w/e).


6) Will the international popularity of the “I, Too Am Harvard” discourage future Black students from entering the school? A rumination from two Alumnae.


7) There is social stigma around mental illnesses and mental health treatment in general. There is NO WAY you don’t know at least one person who is or has suffered. The stigma and lack of treatment is especially prevalent in African American communities. Let’s talk about this so much that it isn’t a big deal. Address the ‘elephant.’

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.07.58 PM

8) It never occurred to me that film itself was designed for white skin, but once presented with this fact of course that’s true. Modern photography was calibrated to properly light and color white folks’ skin tones. These assumptions and best practices have made their way into the digital age.


9) Do you remember that Honey Maid ad that featured loving families of all kinds, including gay couples and interracial couples and single parents and tattooed dads? It had the tagline ‘This is wholesome,’ and after watching it and tearing up and the naked, aspirational demonstrations of love, we just knew conservative groups’ heads were gonna asplode.

‘WHY do I have to live in a world where people who aren’t like me are treated with humanity and respect? I want to let my HATE FLAG FLY. I want to hate everything that isn’t exactly like me because I don’t possess the brain capacity that is required for real empathy and I’m afraid of everything!’

Well Honey Maid created what is about the most perfect response to the backlash. Beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.21.31 PM

10) Ok this is my second link from the site with the sensational damned headlines: “… what she really did changed my whole LIFE.” Ugh. Get a grip. An-ty-way… Why do we think that government subsidies and handouts are more appropriate for the rich and middle class, than they are for those who are impoverished?

“My home is public housing, because the tax deduction I enjoy on my mortgage is a more substantial handout than any money spent by the US government on what has come to stereotyped and vilified as public housing.”

More easy to miss truths in this great video: #GlobalPOV Project: “Who is Dependent on Welfare” With Ananya Roy.

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