“I can’t wait until I’m famous,” I huffed longingly under my breath, in response to the goon behinds me’s question: “Did we make sure Michael got some food?” As I waited in the short line to meet the famous Michael, a woman in front of me gave a choked snort/laugh, turned her head and said to me: “That’s really sweet that you have that attitude,” she said, smiling sadly. I smiled sadly back at her, thinking “Betty, I’m not joking!”

Here is the thing about me: I truly believe in speaking it into being. I believe in fake it ’till you make it. I believe that if I pick something to do, I will succeed at it. I will beat my dream into submission.

Not that I never fail. Not that this disposition is at all logical . . . or maybe, even a good thing. It just is. Even though two weeks ago was the first time I’ve picked up a camera to do anything halfway serious in three years, if someone came up to me today and said “Hey I need a photographer for this super duper fancy shoot. Can you do it?” I’d say “Of course!” do a dance, and worry about the details later.

I have had the benefit (and pressure) of living a life where the people around me take excellence and success for granted. I’ve had parents who tell me I’m fab everyday. I have friends who do the same- as I do for them. It is entirely possible that we are all deluded. But the real truth is, it doesn’t matter if we have our heads in the clouds- believing in our dreams has always been enough to make them come true. 

See you on the other side of fantastic.



PS- Please take a look at me and the famous Michael here. Both of us look better in real life 😉  The flopsy hair is working for him. *Heart flutters*
Stay Fly!


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