The Beauteous Kate Franco.  #AmIRight?

When you’re friends with the famed fashion blogger behind Undeniable Style, there are perks. One of those perks includes having someone to mood-board the look for your new apartment. Another is having a keen styling eye at the ready for impromptu photo shoots (like ya do). There’s also the delicious homemade pizza … but I’m getting off topic.
Swapaholics Heyyy!

The point is, when The Swapaholics decided to host their first San Francisco blogger clothing swap, Kate Franco knew, and invited me to tag along. The experience was a unique one to be sure, and now that I’ve had it, I’ll be much better prepared for the next time. Here’s my how-to:

  • When you’re packing your suitcase of swappable clothing, make sure to get in touch with your Kate Franco to make sure you aren’t bringing to much. You are (you dork).
  • Make sure to exit the Bart station just in time for a crazed homeless man to follow you hot on your heels for four long mission blocks. He’ll grunt at you, which is fun, but he’ll also drop trou after three blocks, so you can’t beat that!
  • PreGame: Special sponsor Lulus (Hi Lulus!) has prepared a special rack of clothing with one item each for the bloggers in attendance. Run like a savage mad man to get your claws on them. Or. You know. Have a sense of decency like Kate Franco and I ( … or be wearing a stupid, constricting, Lulu’s-thwarting skirt that won’t let you be great …)
  • Pass on the ladies hawking flat pretzels, but offer them a sage piece of advice when they ask for ideas for team building activities (trampoline dodge-ball; act like you know)
  • GameTime: Repeat your rampaging stampede once you get the go-ahead to sink your teeth into all the wears. Unless you have something lame holding you back. Like self-respect. Or that damned skirt.
  • Take Stock Of Your Bounty: If you’re really bold you have picked up every ruffled blouse, high-waisted pant, and kitchy heel you could fit in your ironic/hipster/blogger arms (I’m counting my own here as well), caring not to check sizes until this point. Try on your new duds, and bare your teeth at anyone who dares touch your piles o’ plunder.

If Jack Sparrow were a Lulu’s dress.

As scary as being a Shy Ronnie in a room full of Rude Boys may be, with the goods I scored (Lulu’s sequined tee/ Tabitha 50’s style hounds-tooth jacket, hello!) I will certainly be back next time the Swapaholics come to town!

Also, there was wine.

Stay Fly!


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