Back by popular demand, it’s the How-To series ! This week, I teach the ladies of the world how to get it right (and get it tight)!
Hey Sister Girlfriend Mama Ladycakes! Are you a Sassy Black Sister who’s busy work/love-life/maintaining that sassy-pants attitude keeps you constantly on the go? Do you struggle to find ways to inject healthy habits into your everyday?? Well if this is you (and we know it is CHILE’!) we have some easy tips to help you to a healthier 2013!
Run For It!
Not all of us have time to devote to Kanye’s Workout Plan**, but we still want to be our fiercest, slimmest selves. If you’re busy in the office going from meeting to meeting, here’s a tip: Run! Running between meetings has proven to help women lose up to 2.5 pounds in a single year. Plus, it’ll become your office schtick! Everyone loves a hip lady with a cool shtick (and people who are skinny)!
Go Go ‘Fro!
We’re sure you’ve noticed the super hot trend for Black Women to go back to natural hair, and we love it! A wash’n’go ‘fro can be easier to maintain than permed styles. It also turns out that the street-corner preachers standing on a milk crate may have been right, and this new study from Major Hair Care Brand Getting Into The Natural Hair Game proves just that. They’ve posited that the chemicals from relaxers can seep through the scalp, penetrating the blood/brain barrier and cause the problematic head-swivels and z-snaps (and poverty) Black Women can sometimes fall victim to. 
Peace And Quiet:
A large part of being a healthy woman is maintaining low levels of stress. Stress can enter your life from a number of avenues, many of which you cannot control. But one area where you have some agency is your own mouth. Did you know that racial issues in America would cease to exist if you simply stopped talking about them? Increase the peace by staying mute! It’s the way God intended!
Don’t Fight It! 
If your hectic schedule makes it hard to find time to eat, embrace it! Every meal you skip gets you that much closer to inches off your waistline. Won’t your new Boy-Toy love that!
Got any other health tips to share? We’d love to see them. Leave a comment below!
** 10,000 bonus points to you if you can spot Lil Mama in Kanye’s Workout Plan. It’ll make your day!
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