Hip (P)op music gets a bad rap (see what I did there?). Perhaps rightly so. The glorification of womanizing misogynism, tendency towards violence or (maybe worst of all) INCREDIBLE *MIND NUMBING* inanity are all frequently-cited reasons to malign the artform. All valid points. There are certain moments though, that are so exquisitely full of #WIN, that I can’t help but love it again and again. Here are a few:
The first time I heard Lil Wayne say “B***ch, I’m the bomb like … [insert ticking bomb sound effect here].” It was a revelation.
The first time I heard “Short Bus Shawty,” and saw the words “Eau le Duet [Sounds French]”
When I realized everyone was freaking out over “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” and completely missed out on the incredible “I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate.”
The first time I heard “All of the Lights” blaring out over club speakers, at TAO in Vegas. The horns changed my life.
When I saw the transition in Black (young) Man Dancing go from Mosh-like (“Knuck if you Buck,” “Neva Eva”), to the more whimsical (“Superman,” “My Dougie,” Snap Music, “Shoulder Lean”). So beautiful to see everyone take off their cool a bit.
That moment when you hear a song for the first time, and you instantly love it (“Imma Star”).
That moment you realize a stupid song that you hated has worn you down, because the accompanying dance or bass line is too good to skip on a Saturday night (I’m looking at you “Swag Surfin'”  -__-  … You too “Get SIlly”)
The moment your mom hears that you listen to a song that is, quite possibly, everything wrong with Hip Hop (“Toot it and Boot it”) but loves you anyway.
The amazing moment where you hear an old man saying his grandchildren probably listen to ‘Enema Man”
The incredible flash of lightening that is any time Andre 3000 decides to drop a hot 16 on a random song. (When I say random, I mean random).
These are a few of my guilty pleasure Hip Pop moments. What are yours?
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