Hip (P)op music gets a bad rap (see what I did there?). Perhaps rightly so. The glorification of womanizing misogynism, tendency towards violence or (maybe worst of all) INCREDIBLE *MIND NUMBING* inanity are all frequently-cited reasons to malign the artform. All valid points. There are certain moments though, that are so exquisitely full of #WIN, that I can’t help but love it again and again. Here are a few:

  • The first time I heard “Short Bus Shawty,” and saw the words “Eau le Duet [Sounds French]”
  • The first time I heard “All of the Lights” blaring out over club speakers, at TAO in Vegas. The horns changed my life.
  • That moment when you hear a song for the first time, and you instantly love it (“Imma Star“).
  • That moment you realize a stupid song that you hated has worn you down, because the accompanying dance or bass line is too good to skip on a Saturday night (I’m looking at you “Swag Surfin‘”  -__-  … You too “Get Silly“)
  • The moment your mom hears that you listen to a song that is, quite possibly, everything wrong with Hip Hop (“Toot it and Boot it“) but loves you anyway.
  • The amazing moment where you hear an old man saying his grandchildren probably listen to “Enema Man.
  • The incredible flash of lightening that is any time Andre 3000 decides to drop a hot 16 on a random song. (When I say random, I mean random).
These are a few of my guilty pleasure Hip Pop moments. What are yours?
Stay Fly!


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