If the haters aren’t hating, you’re doing something wrong. At least that’s what some people say (*alert alert* nsfw ). I try my very best to keep this in mind at all times, but it isn’t easy.

At some point in semi-recent life, I decided that I wanted to be a Creative Director. I chose this title upon my epiphany: the more amorphous your job title, the more awesome it is. In the quest to pursue this new dream, I have enlisted the help of a few super-talented friends. Stylist extraordinaire Kate Franco, and Up-And-Coming SF photographer Jessica Robinson. Together, we created the styling, mood and setting for a shoot we called “Welcome to Glam Rock.” Of course I somehow got wrangled into being the model for this shoot (Was I forced? Did i volunteer? All that remains clear is that when it was time to pay the piper, I wanted out), and was super nervous about it. Overall, the shoot was nerve-wracking but a lot of fun, right up until the haters showed up. Allow me to set the scene: 

[Enter, haters]

ThemA gaggle of Marina girls on some ill “Omg!! Boots & Boys” BS. (full disclosure: I love this song. BUT it still beautifully exemplifies the aggressively air-headed nature of the group of girlies) 

MeTrying to get comfortable in front of a camera again, and block out the fact that I am actually mere feet from the busy sidewalk/street and feeling hella awkies. 

Them: “OMG hahahaha *titter* *titter* *titter* look at how awkward she looks. Hahaha what is she DOING?? lolllzzzzzzzz!!!”

Me: (to Jessica + my ego, in *UBER HOOD* mode) “UGH. “Boots & Boys” over here got something to say!” (you see how i pretend to be cool and uncaring? so cool.)

Jessica:  *Cracks Up*

Me: (see pic —-> )

Crisis: Averted.

As I lent some levity to the situation, and stopped hyperventilating because of their short-lived presence, I remembered this post from one of my favorite bloggers, and realized that if I were really going to embark on the fab #SwagLife I’m planning, I’m going to have to get used to the haters. So here, in front of all of you, I welcome themHI HATERS



PS-    “Rolllllll credits!”
          Photographer: Jessica V Robinson
Creative Director: Dara Wilson
Stylist: Kate Fanco
Makeup Artist: Kelsey Hannon
Hair Stylist: Ahsha Murphy
Technical Coach: Bashir Qaasim

 PPS- More Katt Williams, because (hello?!) duh. You’re welcome 🙂

PPPS- Because I love you. A gif(t)

Stay Fly!


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