Thanksgiving is a great time to be reflective about what brings you happiness. This year especially, I’m thankful for my friends, so here’s a little note in their honor. I’m thankful for:

Sarah for showing me that it’s possible to be happy at a job that works you to the bone.

Gianina for reminding me what it’s like to have 45 pages due in the next week, and laugh about it.
Dana for being herself, for organizing everything, and for awakening in me the writer, because of her fierce love of words.
      … and for gossip 🙂
zSwag for thinking of me. And delivering exactly what I need, even when she doesn’t know it.
JVR for showing me it’s ok to speak out when people in the workplace make a habit of saying off the wall inappropriate stuff.
TinaBelle for demonstrating the inherit bravery that is pursuing a career in the arts… and for having the best, most loving family evAr.
Tiana for the magic conversation that helped me figure out how I could actually take a thanksgiving vacation without working.
Rory for letting me watch eight episodes of Super Nanny in a row, and showing me what I’m worth, and believing in me … and for telling me that I’m his family.
Brito and Douglas Funstead for catching me up when we’ve fallen out of touch, and enduring my constant jabbing about them falling off the face of the earth, even though I’ve also been under a rock.
Stacey, Lisa, Darryl, Shincy, and Ron for accepting me when I’ve been woefully out of touch and out of reach. For being the Philly ‘Family’ that has known, shepherded and astounded me since I was nine years old. 
KeyChange for making me feel a part of an awesome legacy, and keeping me PETRIFIED and on my toes by doling out last minute solos 🙂
Kate Franco for taking me seriously, giving me opportunities, and not giving up.
Matt Clair for not yelling at me when he saw me at Harvard/Yale, and calling me a DAP princess, even though I’ve been sorely lacking on the writing front.
Lumumba for forcing our friendship after college, and never shirking from my (especially saved for him) brutal honesty… And for being genuinely excited to see me at H/Y
Averi for only making fun of my hipstery-ness a little, and blessing my little home with the warmth of guests and love.
All my lost friends (and one in particular) who I still think about often, because we leaned on each other when we needed it the most, and we’re all doing well now.
Everyone not mentioned because you don’t mistrust a friendship that’s a bit dusty. If you can’t fall back into it like you’ve never left one another, it’s not real, and I’m grateful to have a real host of comrades who understand that.
The readers of #TeamHellaSwag because if you’re reading this now, you haven’t given up on us… And because you saw us (me) through a very tough time, and served as a willing outlet.


~ dubs.

Stay Fly!


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