First of all, a huge EFF YOU to 2012 for barely existing. I wasn’t quite done with you. At all. Now… onto what 2013’s going to look like:

Get back to fighting weight:

Everyone says that. Every year. The difference is  I did it! Then life and work became more stressful than I’ve ever lived through and… the world bcame my buffet. It’s been real Ms. New Booty, but I’m going back to Jamaica a (better) banger 🙂

Project more positivity:

I just took a test that said I was pretty emotionally influential. That means, in person, my happiness could make others happy, and my sadness could make others more unhappy. I’m just little me, but if I can bring a little more light to the world, why not?

Kick all Kinds of Ass at Work:

Learn more, do more, be more proactive and big-picture thinking. Be more involved in Black people stuff, and generally, be more awesome.

Create More: 

I’m happy with a glue gun in my hand, and I’m through denying it! There’s also the fact that I’ve got something sinister and unyielding and beautiful inside me. I want to spend the year trying to get it out and let my weirdness dance.

Audition More:

I’ve got more than a few personalities inside me, and the acting hiatus has gone on long enough.

Get Out More:

If I don’t go when I’m tired, I won’t ever go. if I let trepidation and debilitating shyness around new people stop me, I’ll never go.

What are you looking to accomplish this year? Let’s kick ass together 🙂


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