The internet is full of awesome. Things that are entertaining, things that are infuriating, noteworthy, scholarly, and emotional are all swirling about in this vast series of tubes. It confuses and frustrates me when I hear people saying that young people do nothing but waste time on the internet, or that it isolates us socially. So take this trip through the tubes with me, and see if you aren’t a bit better off for it.

Halloween’s just around the corner! Check out these SUPA CAYOOT tech-inspired costume ideas.
Not news: Dressing in Black Face for Halloween is not cool. Dressing as a murder victim is not cool.
Ok, so we actually do have to say this: BLACK FACE IS NOT COOL. Proactive lady dresses as Orange Is the New Black’s ‘Crazy Eyes.’
County Republican precinct chair goes on the Daily Show apparently accompanied with Key Quotes from the Racist Dude’s Handbook
Grab a hanky and take a look at this photographic trip through the trials of cancer diagnoses and treatment.
Or maybe wine is more your style? Check out this great read on alcoholism as an escape from women’s pressure to be perfect.
This is getting heavy. Let’s take a break with the AWESOME A Cappella group Pentatonx’ take on the Beyonce’s catalog. Yeah I like A Cappella. Stop looking at me like that.
 Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.45.55 AM
And here’s some vintage Kanye, because I’m never gonna stop trying to convince you guys that this guy knows what he’s doing and makes a lot of sense
Speaking of folks who don’t use let their celebrity stop them from marching into other realms: Here’s Russell Brand talking logic about political oppression in ‘Democracies’
Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.50.18 AM
The incomparable Malcolm Gladwell has some thoughts on why it’s great to be a big fish in a small sea.
Stephen Fry on living with depression and loneliness:
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