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1) So often the lore of a powerful  story can overpower the very human reality of a historical event. The Diary of Anne Frank represents one such story. That makes this simple video of her looking out a window that much more poignant and important.

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2) You may (or should) know that prolonged bouts of stress can wreak havoc on your body’s internal processes. What you may be surprised to learn is that even if the earliest stages of childhood, stress levels can reach high enough to have a significant impact on mental, physical, and emotional function. Psychologist Ellie D Brown is doing fascinating work finally proving that an early introduction to art among young students helps to drive down cortisol levels. Tell that tell your local legislature the next time they (inevitably) try to cut funding to “cursory” activities like art classes.


3) ‘The Cost of Dying.’ What it says about our country that we’ve so marginalized many by our healthcare system that they’re resigned to die instead of experience the burdensome cost of care. Why doctors (and the rest of us) have a responsibility to keep these people at the front of our minds when discussing and influencing policies.


4) When casting Black actors in ‘colorblind’ roles backfires, we get welcome visual diversity on the big and small screens, but we lose any dedication to the representation of the culture that the roles could embody. Sometimes it’s nice to have a character’s Blackness not be their defining feature. Acting like it doesn’t matter at all though speaks to a false sense of ‘post-racialism’ that is in fact a fear of addressing race at all. Can we go back to a time where the Cosby show is ok?


5) This week in ‘Man it sure seems like a large part of your bible talks about loving one another but the popular representation of the  culture of your faith is based on bigotry, hate, and close-mindedness….’ A Christian school decides that a girl doesn’t look ‘girly enough,’ and this needs to be fixed ASAP. *EYE-ROLL*

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6) Listen, if Ta-Nehisi Coates wants to keep writing about the false equivalence between Black culture and the culture of poverty, I’m gonna keep reading. And sharing. This time he takes aim at a critic who tries to assert that characteristics of impoverished exist outside of the American institutions that maintain its existence. Excerpts and facts and nuanced commentary, yum!

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7) Are you in the midst of a Quarter Life Crisis? Mid Life Crisis? Existential Any-Time What Am I Even Doing Crisis? Join the club, kid. This was a very reassuring read, showing the very varied path to great success. So if you ever wake up in the morning, contemplate getting ready for work and loudly sigh ‘TO WHAT END, EVEN?’ to the dog, this is an article you should take a look at.


8) So, some poor sap went to work for Michelle Obama on the Hill and was dismayed to find that she was demanding and valued her time highly. If your eyes are back to the front of your head from that last roll, please feel free to send them on back. #GrowUpBrenda.


9) Maria Shriver and Oprah did an awesome Google Hangout discussing the large number of women who are living paycheck to paycheck. They focus specifically on the story of a women who was featured in the HBO documentary Paycheck to Paycheck and consider what they and you (and I) can do to stop this trend.

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10) Contraception coverage. Why it’s important. How it relates to larger issues of gender equality. Why members of our judiciary system can’t talk about condoms without giggling.  -___-


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