I’ve got a Havanese boy named Milo and a Shih Tzu girl named Beckett. They are approximately the cutest beings currently walking the earth, full of love and happiness and generally welcome additions to my single little life in San Francisco. I was never a dog person growing up (Full disclosure: I was completely terrified of all dogs, large and small until I moved to the West Coast. There are about 40 dogs in each one block radius of SF, and ain’t nobody got time  to be scared 24/7, so I got over it).

  • When I pet Milo’s head, he has the decency to keep his eyelids still. Beckett allows hers to be pulled to great lengths, exposing parts of her bulbous eyes I’d sooner not see.
  • When Milo gets shaggy, it looks like I’ve chosen a cute Diane Sawyer-Sheep Dog haircut for him (on purpose).When Beckett gets shaggy, I look like a negligent mom walking a Yeti baby on a leash.
  • When I rub Beckett’s belly, the experience is enjoyable for both of us. I had to get used to rubbing Milo’s belly… because he’s small and it’s mostly peen.
  • I house broke Milo through a combination of crate training and stern Black Mama looks. Beckett is content to poop and pee where she sleeps. She is immune to doggy instincts… and the Black Mama stare.
  • When Beckett goes to sleep, she’s down for the night. Milo sleeps with one ear open and one eye peeled- waiting for the moment I crawl in the bed and fall asleep- so he can sneak in.
  • When I invite Milo up on the couch for some good old fashioned TV watching, he heads to the crook behind my legs. When Beckett comes up, she goes straight for my head. She literally likes to lay on my head.

Any little furry friends in your life? Tell me about their quirks in the comments section below!



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