In this conclusion of the series (see earlier parts one, twothree, and four to get caught up), I wrap up with a brief message to a couple of stragglers: 
How many different ways can one bus break down? Apparently, many. First, the back doors stop working, then the.entire.bus. Again, and again. Now let’s hit some construction. No, no. By all means, take your time! I only need to get to work so I can live.
You made me miss my very important connection, and though the  rational part of me realizes your incompetence is no fault of your own, my heart hates your face with the love of Jesus.
I declined because I only graciously accept “da butt” from close friends (I’m weird with body to body contact like that). I freely admit though, your scheme is clever. Catch me at non-commute time.
In conclusion, San Francisco transportation is all right, but you must have patience. Also, if you see me boarding your trolley, bus, or rickshaw, RUN AWAY. More than likely, it’s on it’s way to certain doom.


Stay Fly!


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