Category: Schadenfreude

The Almost Wedding.

It was a cold December night in Cleveland. A friend was getting married, and the ceremony was being held in a reception hall at the Cleveland Zoo. We watched the ceremony from our seats, mere feet away from the lifelike rainforest exhibit. It was humid, and everywhere I looked, Newly Natural-Haired Black Women’s perfect coifs were poofing into so many marshmallow clouds.


Panic! In Silicon Valley.

I’ve performed in front of crowds. I’ve run races in front of thousands. I’ve presented ideas and numbers and defended my entire livelihood in front of execs who could have had my job in...


… Or How I Lost My Pants

My friendo was shopping for wedding dresses in Sacramento with her Mama and Grandma, and I was hopping on a MegaBus to join. I was in a rush, pulling the black and white leggings...

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