We do this every week. Let’s talk poverty. And Glassholes.

1) Philip Seymour Hoffman wants his child to grow up in the best city in the world. Am I biased? Maybe.

Sundance Film Festival '07: "The Savages" Premiere

2) Visualizing hunger in America through an incredible photography project.

Andrea-photo-1024x768 (1)

3) Google has to teach people how not to be “Glassholes” while wearing Glass. Yes. This is a thing that had to occur.


4) 15 minute workout that you can do on your butt. Hooray Beer!

laynephd (1)

5) An artist designs shoes inspired by ex-lovers. And they are BADASS.


6) A photo/essay project for LGBTQ adults on childhood memories. Born this way! Loves it.


7) All these “Under [insert age here]” lists are bad for us young folks.


8) One stunning Breaking Bad poster for each episode. Amazing.


9) Father narrating icy slip and falls outside of kid’s school is horrible, but yes we are laughing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.58.34 AM

10) Google Now is coming to desktop. MOAR AWESOME NOW.


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~ dara.

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