There’s been a rash of studies and articles as of late attempting to attack the curiosity that is Black People Interacting With Media. What has really piqued my interest (and completely befuddled me) is the talk about “Black Twitter.” Apparently (1) the way that Black people use twitter is fascinating, and (2) they (we’re) not doing it right. That’s right! As usual, there’s some secret rule book floating around somewhere outside the Black community that none of us can get a hold of (you’ll note this issue’s implications in (1) How To Drive Without Getting Pulled Over or (2) How To Catch a Cab Ever).

It got me thinking about moments that I tweet, where I must not be participating in the elusive “Black Twitter,” because my habits differ so greatly from those outlined in these articles.

My Atypical Tweet Topics 

  • I’m listening to Suicidal Tendencies- Institutionalized
  • I’ve been recording voice-over for a video, and haven’t recognized my sincere (non-ratchet) voice
  • Outfit Choice: Combat boots paired with a favorite flouncy skirt?
  • I’m having a well-informed conversation about female sexuality and reproductive health
  • I’m trying to figure out what the hell anyone is talking about with their abbreviations (always)
  • I’m showing nuanced concern about the climate of US politics and foreign affairs

It turns out, that Black people are not a monolith! And that accounting for 25% of a population means that you are not the sole contributors to trending topics, no matter how “Black” they sound! Shocker!



Stay Fly!


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