1) Awesome little towns made just for folks with dementia.


2) When a Black woman speaks passionately, she’s being an “Angry Black Woman.” When a Black man does it, it’s called a “rant.” It suggests that their emotions presuppose an incapacity for rational thought. It’s lazy, and I hate it.

n-RANT-large570 (1)

3) A satisfying meditation on the psychology of comedians. Without darkness, is there humor?

lead (1)

4) This is a President in his final term. This is a Black man who cares more about Black men and Black boys than he’s given credit. ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 8.26.47 PM

5) Taking on Black men’s depression, in a meaningful way, through the medium of film.

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6) A really handy step by step guide on how to take a shower in the presence of a homosexual.


7) A little girl named Mayhem makes spectacular paper with her mama. Be amazed.


8) New hiring strategies from top tech companies are shifting from simply picking from elite universities. Because maybe basing hiring decisions on who they were when they were 16. Maybe?

A neon Google logo is seen as employees work at the new Google office in Toronto

9) 5 Black Trans Women you should know about.


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~ dara.

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