A regular Saturday night out is an opportunity for fun to be had by all; A Saturday night with #TeamHellaSwag, has the potential to get absurd. This past weekend definitely leaned toward the latter . . . Let me explain:

Tight Venue: We ended up at Otis, a lovely little Black-Owned Bar/Lounge located in the heart of Union Square. Although the spot is small and *HOT* (like sweat your eyelashes off and wish badness upon your not-so-awful enemy hot), the environment was really chill, and the company was divine. Also the drinks were generous.

BanginMusic: After the disappointing night at Harlot, I was ecstatic to hear some really good Hip Hop & RnB (from today and yesteryear). It was especially great to hear just a few sprinklings of really gritty/dirty rap songs that I knew all the words to so I could play at Straight Thuggin‘ with the boys (you know how I do).

Rand-o Pretty Girl Swag Moment: From time to time (especially if you find yourself in a seedier locale), you can encounter overly aggressive males that would like the pleasure of dancing with you, but can’t express this properly, because they are cave men. Despite the slightly upscale atmosphere of Otis, one of these such men made their way inside, and put his club down just before approaching me (maybe I was lucky). Here’s what happened:

     Him (pulling me harshly toward him): Come over here and dance with me.
     me (removing his wretched talons from my arm): Oh no. That’s not gonna fly.

     Him: Oh that won’t work?
     me: No; Why don’t you go over there and try again . . . much later.

     Katt Williams: Not pimpin’

Friends in High Places (Or friends who place themselves where they don’t belong): There’s nothing better than coming to a party, enjoying the music, giggin‘ it to Poison (ps-actually watch that video- it’s HILARIOUS. then learn the dance and impress your friends!), and after a few hours, realizing that one of your friends has moved from the dance floor to the dj booth. His move from party goer to the “slickest on the ones and twos” went a little something like this:

    *Double Take*

    me: Wait, what?

    friend: Haha, don’t even worry about it girl . . .

    me (taking stock of music . . . *approved* . . . goes in on Ride): #tooexcitedfordialougue

In conclusion: hit up Otis, ASAP, but make sure you bring your most Swagalicious friends . . . and cave man repellent.



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Stay Fly!


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