Yesterday was so SF it made my fillings hurt. Enjoy the rundown with me:
**Watched a live band play a haberdashery.
**Bought the biggest headband I could find at said haberdashery.
**Tony’s pizza. For free! From the girl with the cute tattoos. No idea why.
**Went to a bar where the wine selection read “Red Wine: We have some of this. Probably French. White Wine: We have some of this too… Sometimes we have bubbles. Inquire within.”
Conversation at said bar lurched from media responsibility with regard to their possible impact on the uneducated masses, to celebrity thieves (ODB once stole a bunch of left shoes from a store), and to celebrity encounters (someone sat next to André 3000 on a plane and didn’t realize who he was until it was too late. I informed her that her life was pretty much ruined). There was also a lot of talk about rock and metal bands. I don’t know from Metal, so I let the spikes on my boots speak for me. *Shrug*
**Went to an art show featuring local artists and their take on the themes of pancakes and elephants. There were also real pancakes being served from a griddle, and free drinks, but limited cups. I met the fifty-something curator, who was sneaking nips of whiskey from a bottle of Glenlivit he’d hidden by the bathroom. There was live music here as well: played by a massive man with a shoe on his prosthetic foot and no shoe on his real foot. As we were walking in, he yelled “Don’t leave after that song! That song was depressing. If you leave now you’ll hang yourself or something. I’ll play something to cheer you up!” There was also lots of hair. Dude hair. On dudes. And more hats.
**Crashed a girl’s birthday party at Rosewood. There was an open bar, where the choices were “whiskey drink, vodka drink, and rum drink.” Very to the point. Giant silver mylar balloons went from hanging on a wall to exploded and hanging around people. I chose a futuristic ode-to-Lisa-Bonet style turban. I didn’t take off my turban when it made me think my hands were turning silver, and I certainly didn’t take it off when we went for burgers later.
A new guy friend was dance-stalked by a very petite, very determined young lady. My girl friend and I had to have dance wars with her to save him. She got served. Obvi.
**Went to burger joint. Waiter asks if I want burger or hotdog. I say “yes.” Diet starts on Monday. Promise.
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