In effort to take a look back at the me who was, years ago, and restart the stalled writing that plagues my draft folder, I bring you ‘A Retrospective.’ This time exploring the responsibility of celebrities to their young fans.
This guy can jump high. So it’s his fault that your kid’s failing? Please.


“I just think celebrities are human beings. If you swallow the image they put out there during a thirty second commercial as insight into their entire life, that’s your fault. One individual cannot be held responsible for the idiocy of the masses.”
I was in the car with my father, leaving the airport on my way home for the holidays, fresh off a red-eye from SF. It was the butt crack of dawn, we were both irritable, but I was on a roll.
“It should be the parents’ responsibility to be their kids own role models. Is it Michael Jordan’s fault if my kid gets a C in history? Come on, you have to be practical about this.”
In Middle School I always had writing assignments with topics like: Who is your role model? Who do you want to be when you grow up? Of course I made someone up, but in truth the answers were: No one, and I want to be me, respectively. That sounds hecka self-important in writing, but it’s not a lack of humility that plagued me in my youth. It had more to do with the fact that I never had parents who went out of their way to craft my future in the likeness of another individual’s life, coupled with a whisper of a feeling that doing what had already been done was boring.
Because one half of the parents who raised me was in the car with me, I was surprised to hear him saying things like “If you’re a person on a national or international stage, you have responsibility to the people who are making you popular.”
I couldnt have disagreed more. The argument went on until we’d reached the house and barged into the kitchen where my mother had prepared a light breakfast before what would be an epic I-Hate-Red-Eyes nap.
As a final note on the subject, mama says, “Whether those kids should have to depend on these folks for idolatry and as role models, it’s a reality that they do. And that’s not their fault. “ Shutting it down, with logic, as usual.
Dang mama.
Stay Fly!


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