In an effort to salvage long forgotten and never posted pieces, I’m taking a walk down memory lane. In this edition, I explore the best parts of the life tinabelle and I had when starting out in SF:


Ryan Gosling. Because, you’re welcome.

Tinabelle and I used to live together. With another friend, we experienced the challenges and shocks and growing pains associated with graduating from college and being thrust out into the world to make a life for yourself. We shared a pretty, pre-furnished apartment in San Francisco’s Nob Hill. There were two bedrooms and a “living room” which had its own door and was what we turned Tinabelle’s bedroom into. The only common space was the kitchen, which was packed to the gills with pots and pans and roasting things and slow cookers and happy memories and a dishwasher. I miss that dishwasher (they’re hard to come by here).

When I saw the first Black man who wasn’t homeless walk past my bedroom window, I rushed out to tell my roomies. When I almost burned half my hair off trying to do a home perm, I rushed out to ask Karmen to do a bald-check. When I sat on the edge of my bed to have my dinner of naan and hummus and steamed edamame, watching Lost, I could always run out of the room to pow wow about how Jack cried all the time, or about how much I hated Juliet (still do … and I’m not alone) or about how completely awesome the show was.

… The nights spent on Tinabelle’s couch with a visiting friend. The occasional Sunday family dinners. Laying in bed with Karmen watching Mulholland Drive for her first time. Screaming about the Eagles game from different rooms. Leaving to walk to church, and then heading to the art museum to make fun of classic works and discuss the correlation between the religious evolution of Ancient Egyptians and their also evolving burial practices.

It was nice to have roommates. But they both left. Karmen, to go back to school, and Tinabelle to head home for the summer. The timing was very complicated, but what it boiled down to, was that I was going to have to get my own place.

I don’t mind living alone, especially since I’ve had the primer of that first year. Without that, and those girls though… I don’t know that I would have been able to tackle this big little city on my own.

Thanks loves.



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