I am in love with spoken word. And not just any type of spoken word. The kind that unsettles the soul. The kind that speaks of a world that is bigger than my reality. The kind that smiles back at me when I knock on it’s door and listen in with unlearned ears. I am in love with spoken word, the same way I was in love with my first disposable camera. In my hands, laid so much possibility. At my finger tips, laid so much to be expressed. To be preserved. In the snap of a shutter, the release of a key, the stain of a pen. 

I am in love with spoken word and here are just a few of my favorite artists! Enjoy!

You Move Me” by Gina Loring: Perhaps one of my first woman crushes. (Sorry, Corrine Bailey Rae. You’re still my main girl!)

Totally like whatever, you know? ” by Taylor Mali: “We are the most aggressively inarticulate generation…” LOVE this man. 

Bi-Racial Hair” reenacted by Lisa Russel: This is to all my ladies who have ever broken a comb (or two). 

Duality” by Daniel Beaty: If you can excuse his use of the word n****, this dude speaks on a very real level.  Definitely worth checking out. 

Hands” by Sarah Kay: Amazing content aside, this woman’s voice is as mesmerizing as it is powerful.   

Tamara’s Opus” by Joshua Bennett: And last, but certainly not least is Joshua Bennett, a former coworker of mine whose work has ALWAYS left me speechless (yes, I’m still stalking you Joshua! So proud!). Check out the piece he performed at the White House and please try not to be too impressed 😉

Happy Holidays!!

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